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What is Evrloot?

Evrloot is an immersive experience, packaged into a low-touch game with composable RMRK NFTs at its core. Rooted in dark fantasy, inspired by classic RPGs like Diablo II or Dark Souls, Evrloot brings a world full of potential treasure, and immersive lore but also real consequences to the players. Spiced up with D&D-vibe storytelling, the lore advances with the player progressing, but also through global events altering the world for everyone at the same time.

Sounds too cryptic? Let's dive deeper!

Playable Souls

At the core of the experience are the users’ characters, called “Souls”. A player can have multiple characters and each has a distinct class. Only one character can be selected for now. Three classes will be playable at launch;

  • The Berserker, an unstoppable force on the battlefield, wielding dual weapons.
  • The Ranger - she will reign havoc from the distance and be able to equip companions to fight alongside her.
  • The Alchemist. A tinkerer, master of potions, elixirs, incense, and smoke.

Small preview of a Berserker. In this example there are different souls (variance of faces) shown and different helmets equipped. Characters will have visual differences like hairstyles and wounds. Each character will have slots to equip Weapons, Armor, and Jewelry that will increase their effectiveness on missions. Harnessing the power of RMRK, each character will also have a set of traits/attributes that won't be revealed at launch but will be important as the game progresses. Additionally, there will be slots for companions, background and further ones for vanity available later on. ) All Souls will have a total of 8 equipment slots at launch:

  • Head
  • Armor (Full Body)
  • Right Hand
  • Left Hand
  • Boots
  • Necklace*
  • Ring 1*
  • Ring 2*

*Items for these slots will be very rare at launch, and only those that are enlisted will have access to them. They will be obtainable in-game for all players as time goes on.

Each item can come in either,




The world of Estra

We've put a lot of thought into creating a framework that generates dynamic Souls that have unique characteristics and even a past. More on that in the next posts. But what good is that if it doesn't also have a place to build a future? For that reason, we have also been carefully crafting a world that is rich and full of life (and sometimes death). Welcome to Estra.

Estra is the beautiful but sometimes unforgiving world that your character was born in. Set in the medieval era, Estra is home to several large continents that are mostly separated by water. In the first act of Evrloot, we will follow the story of the brave Souls that join Captain Rhys, and those that follow after, as they sail to the Dunes of Trakan.

Trakan is a mysterious, middle eastern-inspired port city, surrounded by a vast desert. It has a rich history and a character of its own; you can almost smell the incense and spices being traded in the market. But like many things in the world of Estra, Trakan has its share of secrets; some you may wish to discover, and some you may regret uncovering.

Lore Driven

Lore and world-building are super important to the team and will be a driving factor behind the progression of the game. We have created a massive world to discover and revealed pieces of the story through riddles and sneak peeks, but once the game launches the direction the story takes will begin to be influenced more by the players of the game. From role-playing events in Discord to in-game missions that all players can interact with at the same time, players will begin to feel more and more immersed in the world as the decisions they make as an individual and as a group starts to impact the story and even the look of the world.

Game Mechanics

From a mechanics perspective, there will be several different mission types that a player can send their Soul on. Some types include but are not limited to Resource missions, Class-specific missions, and Story missions. Each will have varying success/failure rates and rewards as well as impacts on the world.

One aspect of building a game using RMRK that we’re really excited about is, for the first time, players are able to truly own the items they find or craft in-game. That means they can do whatever they want with them, including trading and selling them. For this reason, we are putting careful thought into creating the foundation for an economy that blurs the lines between in and out of the game. This starts from the ground up with Resource missions. You will need basic resources in order to send your Soul on more complex missions, but you will also need to collect resources in order to build newer and stronger equipment for your Soul. The player will need to assess the pros and cons of their actions to choose the best way forward.

This will give rise to a plethora of different play styles. If you want to be constantly out in the field slaying monsters you will need to buy food and water from another player that has gathered them. Do you want to be known as the best Smith in the game? You can build a character that is really good at hunting missions so that you can make new items that other players want to buy from you. The paths you can take are many and intersecting. The hope is that these will be uncovered naturally as people play and will evolve l as market effects play out.

How to obtain your character

In the coming weeks, players will be able to purchase a card from the fortune teller on Singular that will represent their future class as an adventurer. There will then be a reveal event on our front end where everyone finds out what soul is behind their card(s). Every Soul that is minted will have a certain chance pers lot of coming with an item. The lucky ones with an item can directly equip it onto the character. The items and their rarity at launch will be shared closer to the card sale. It is worth mentioning though that these items will be different from the perks we have planned for those that are enlisted. So as to not give anyone too much of a head start though, all the items given from the mint reveal will be of the lowest tier, and there will be a lot of room for character progression from there.

Early supporter perks

We are so appreciative of our early supporters, so there will be some special goodies that only the Enlisted will have access to at launch. Including but not limited to an Amulet that will give Souls a boost to their success rate when going on missions.

Book of Lore and Strange Pages

Of course, we do not want to forget those that fought in the great sniping battles that took place during the Book of Lore era. We can't reveal all the specifics yet, but we can say for sure that the complete bookholders will definitely be better of hodling. Don't fret though even if you have a single page there will be a use for them for you to discover in-game. Keep in mind that you can trade Books and Pages in Singular App.

Moar Alpha?

A great deal of the fun in RPGs is not knowing what will come around the corner next, so we don’t want to spoil too much for you but wanted to leave you with an idea of what is on our minds for the short and long term of the game. More articles will be published regarding the state of our development so...

Stay tuned Evrlooters!

Evrloot Official Website: https://evrloot.com/

Evrloot Twitter: https://twitter.com/EVRL00T

Evrloot Discord: https://discord.gg/4WpMHHu62q

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