One Month Of Evrloot(ing)

The Monks Are Building

Biased notes from Dotsama NFT project: Evrloot

One Love, 2 Directions

During hard times in crypto (coin) market, which most of people start with, human reacts in different ways... Some quit and keep living their life, others day trading, and others keep looking for opportunities. You cant blame anyone! But some exploring NFT's. And this leads to get to know better the capabilities of Dotsama NFT space, like RMRK which has spread like a virus, all over the community and projects, because it brings...INNOVATION! Nevertheless, you must not forget MoonBeans or Unique or Moonriver/Moonbeam and what they bring to the space. Dotsama NFT community is small ( some say around 2-3k active members) but you love being early right??

So, 2 main groups are formed:

  • Those who invest in NFT projects, monitor-lurking all discords, checking CTwitter and trying to find out who is legit, who has something to offer and which one is the money grab/slow rugg.

  • Those who creating and building a new idea and/or highly engaged within a project, spending their valuable time providing quality services in order for the project to grow.

How And Why Choose To Get Involved?

Idea. You have to like the general idea of the project. This is decided by several factors but usually it depends on anyone's backround. ( Ex: gaming).

The way.. Let me tell you a little secret: Dotsama is watching! Always! What that means is that people ( CEO's, Community Managers, CMO's etc..) are always hungry for new blood, newcomers that willing to put the effort and bring new ideas... Do not expect to get invited in a team just because.. Take some actions:

  • Make content for your favourite NFT project.
  • Be as much active as you can ( not because its a job, because you genuiely like their idea/art).
  • Make connections, spot who is who, do some researching ( altho most NFT's are anons, still you can ask around).
  • Simply ask the team if they need help in any sector you willing to help and let them monitor you.


Evrloot idea was perfect for me. Many years in gaming space, long gone but the fire inside is always there, dark and epic vibes from Diablo game. I was always thinking that Dotsama NFT space was too childish, too meme joining and actively helping Evrloot guys was an easy choice.

Next step, talking with the team. Gut feelings are usually the correct ones, and i sensed from the get-go that Deckard and Luuu ( Evrloot co-founders) are thinking long term. They want to build an RPG game with RMRK2.0 and RMRK3.0 standards, they want to bring this "RPG" feeling within Singular, and create these awsome stories for the Evrloot world. Its a group of real life friends..

From The Inside

Massive digital whiteboard...Daily brainstorming by ( now almost of 10 members) the team for anything you can think of:

  • Community/social media mangment
  • Collabs ( ideas, finished,in progress)
  • lore stories ( classes, ship,act 1 stories, mission stories...)
  • RMRK 2.0 limits and the future (RMRK3.0)
  • marketing
  • timelines
  • team calendars
  • meetings
  • website updating
  • artwork

and so on...

I get the feeling that everyone in the team is constanly thinking how to make this thing better...bigger...2 hours voice call meetings are simply not enough. You will not hear price talking within the Small Council. There is no moonboi stuff... You just see "Good job!" "excellent work" in the enormous mods discord channel.

Organic Growth and BoL

I wasnt expecting the success in our first collection Book Of Lore. Honestly. But sometimes, the vibes the community is getting from the team are reflected in Singular.

Community is growing step by step. We dont believe in agressive marketing.. No fake accounts, no tag x friends, no reaching to others for visibility and " Pls tweet about us"... The terms are clear: Spread the word and our name will be heard.


I cant predict what will happen. For now, i enjoy being close to our community, spending some hours on mobile or desktop, and feeling great being part of a team of great individuals with same goals as me. Bring as many people as we can into the Dotsama space!

If you want to learn more about Evrloot, Twitter here Website here Discord here

If you like the content, here is my twitter handle @andreas_seppy Tip Jar: here

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