Quartz Wins the 14th Parachain Auction on the Kusama Network

On 15th November we won the 14th auction for Quartz to be a parachain on the Kusama network!

8,874 network stakeholders participated in the Quartz crowdloan, committing over 54 thousand KSM, the equivalent of over USD 21 million.

That means over 70% of our Telegram community participated in the crowdloan, each committing an average of 6 KSM. We are so proud to have such a high participation rate and such an engaged community. Thank you to everyone who participated in the crowdloan!

What Happens Next

By the first week of December, Quartz will be connected to the Kusama network through a forkless upgrade. Following the upgrade, Quartz will launch as a parachain for a 48-week lease period. We plan to start the QTZ token distribution in the second week of December.

QTZ Distribution

If you contributed KSM to the Quartz crowdloan on any platform, including Bifrost or Newland Finance, you will be receiving QTZ in return. You don’t need to do anything to claim these tokens — QTZ will be distributed by Unique Network to every participant. You will receive the number of tokens you saw on the calculator before placing your contribution.

Other Rewards

We also distributed 100 Chelobricks to the first 100 network contributors who staked more than 10 KSM through the Unique Website or Polkadot.js. All 100 Chelobricks were gone in minutes. We have already announced and distributed the Chelobricks. All details can be found on our Telegram Channel.

We also announced a raffle of 10 Chelobricks each for the Bifrost and Newland communities. Anyone who contributed over 10 KSM was eligible for the raffle. The winners will be announced by Nov 25.

Stay tuned!

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