September 2021 In Review

We're still here, chugging along, looking at that mainnet launch down the road. You may have heard us mention it a time or two - it may be sooner than you think.

Anyways, here's what we were up to last month.

Reworking The Spacers Program

Two weeks ago we released our overhaul of our ambassador program, and kicked off our pre-season. Next Monday, the pre-season ends and Season 1 begins. We have already received over 400 applications and reviewed many mission reports. Several people are even on track to earn over a hundred tokens in rewards. The Spacer Fleet continues to grow and spread the SubVerse far and wide. For more info on The Spacers Program, check out the announcement.

Sub.ID Features

We have continued to expand the feature set of Sub.ID, trying to provide an equivalent amount of value to the ecosystem as block explorers do.

Last month, we added a crowdloan section, that shows each accounts contributions to individual crowdloans. Do note that this does not count contributions made through Zenlink, SALP, or any other non-Polkadot.js method. We also added a NFT section near the bottom of the page, that shows the Unique, RMRK, and Statemine NFTs owned by an account. Another feature we quietly added is the bar chart view for the Balances and Crowdloans sections (though it currently has a pie chart icon).

Finally, Parity has been kind enough to integrate Sub.ID into Polkadot.js! You can find it next to some of the block explorers (like Subscan and Polkastats) on the accounts page or on the detail pane for any individual account.

One last thing: we are looking for visual artists interested in making banner NFTs. We will be adding banners to Sub.ID that can only display NFTs. Currently, not many banner sized NFTs exist, so we are looking to partner with artists to fix that.

Substrate v3

The Subsocial blockchain was upgraded to Substrate v3. This gives us all sorts of cool modules like Democracy, Council, Treasury, and Staking, and brings us one step closer to launching the mainnet!

Pre-Mainnet & Validators

Last month we launched our pre-mainnet and began onboarding validators - so many that we had to close the application. We quickly grew from 0 to over 200 validators helping to run and test the network. What did we say about the mainnet being sooner than you think?

Relay Chain Podcast

Our founder Alex Siman and community manager Yung Beef were invited onto Parity's Relay Chain Podcast to discuss all things Subsocial and Web3 social networks. Alex's next talk will be live as he presents on October 13th at Sub0!

The Mobile App

Our mobile app is progressing full steam ahead. We have built a solid account creation/import process, and store the private keys in a secure manner. Lately we have been doing lots of work on the UI and smoothing things out to provide the best user experience possible.

Token Claim

They told us to expect chaos. We didn't listen.

On September 25th we opened the first round of the Dotsama Token Claim. Shortly afterwards, we decided to cap it at 2,500 claims for that round, so that we could improve the claim experience, and make the claim more fair for our global community. Thank you for your patience while we work to ensure the best possible outcome for the community. We will be releasing details on the upcoming rounds soon!

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