Polkassembly Integrates With Subsocial

In order to further the vision of true decentralization, Polkassembly, the premier governance platform for the Polkadot ecosystem, is integrating with Subsocial!

With this move, discussions on Polkassembly will live on Subsocial, making them permanent and censorship resistant. To quote Jas from the Polkassembly team, “It doesn’t make sense to have a centralized system for decentralized governance.

Polkassembly will use Subsocial’s innovative Energy feature to ensure that users don’t need SUB tokens in order to join discussions. Instead, the Polkassembly team will acquire SUB tokens and burn them, giving the created Energy to users of Polkassembly. This Energy allows users to post, comment, and react, all without having to acquire tokens.

We have also been working on a solution to remove transaction confirmation pop-ups, which will allow us to bring the user experience in line with the Web2 UX we are used to. The goal is to make the process so smooth, you won’t even know you’re interacting with a blockchain.

In addition to UX improvements, this will enable on-chain governance-based reputation integrated right into social profiles. Imagine viewing someone’s Sub.ID page and being able to see their full voting history, complete with metrics about the issues they vote on! Projects could even filter which accounts are actively involved in governance over specific issues based on their reputation.

This integration can shift the on-chain governance system to a more expansive political system, while making it censorship resistant, immutable, and open to everyone. As a result, the community can continue building more governance tools on top of Polkadot’s social graph, leveraging historical governance participation and on-chain data.

We are looking forward to working with the Polkassembly team to bring these opportunities to life, providing the Polkadot ecosystem with an even more robust governance platform. Join us in this movement towards true decentralization!

About Polkassembly

Polkassembly is a unified platform to discuss and vote on governance proposals, motions, and referenda in the Polkadot and Kusama ecosystem. Featuring an on-chain identity integration, Polkassembly lets users organize and coordinate to enable effective governance.

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