Polkadot European Hackathon Participation

Are you a web developer interested in building Web3? The Polkadot Europe Hackathon launches in two days, on January 25th, and Subsocial is sponsoring four challenges! Aspiring developers can team up to tackle these challenges and win prizes.

Tushar from our development team will also be hosting a workshop from 12:00-13:00 on Friday, January 27th, showing you how to build a decentralized Instagram in 50 minutes using Subsocial.

Tushar will be joined by two more of our developers, Oleh and Vlad, as mentors for the hackathon, and our founder Alex Siman will be on the judges panel at dotSocial: Paris in March. All finalist teams in the hackathon will receive an additional $3,000 to cover travel costs for attending dotSocial: Paris.

The Challenges

Challenge #1 is to create a React component for light and dark themes for a comments section. We have partnered with the Zeitgeist team for this challenge, allowing participants to earn an extra prize if they implement this in a way that adds a comment section to prediction markets on Zeitgeist. The prize for this challenge is up to $3000, depending on the quality of work, with an additional $1000 available for building the optional Zeitgeist integration.

Challenge #2 involves building a WordPress plugin to allow authors to easily back up their content to Subsocial, ensuring it lives on forever. The prize for this challenge is up to $3000, depending on the quality of work.

Challenge #3 is to create a dashboard for tracking and ranking social reputation based on on-chain metrics. We have partnered with Subsquid for this challenge, as this task will include using Subsocial’s squid. The prize for this challenge is up to $3000, depending on the quality of work.

Challenge #4 is to build a new social Dapp on Subsocial that is focused on allowing creators to monetize their content. The prize for this challenge is up to $3000 for first place, and $300 for 2nd, 3rd, and 4th place.

You can learn more about the hackathon and register on the website. If you have any questions, feel free to join our dev chat to talk with our team and developer community. Happy hacking 😎

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