Polkadot Arena Integrates With Subsocial!

The Polkadot Arena team has launched another dapp built on Subsocial!

Primarily serving the Italian community, the Polkadot Arena blog pulls content straight from Subsocial, using the Subsquid indexer for Subsocial. While most of the content is in Italian, there is English content as well, and the team may improve the English experience on the site in the future. Polkadot Arena authors still use PolkaVerse as their Content Management System, however the team aims to add a posting flow to their blog, as well as searches and tips for authors. They currently have no plans for adding comments.

Built by just two community members, Marco & Menna, the blog sure looks beautiful. Here’s what Marco had to say about the experience:

Subsocial gives us an easy way to integrate articles uploaded to the IPFS protocol, which has tremendous potential…basically anything that is on IPFS can be uploaded to the blog. We chose to use Subsocial’s system which is great and the team helped us to build the blog…With this technology set, you can easily make all kinds of websites, from blogs to applications…Building our own blog gives us the opportunity to work on SEO, to make it better than Medium or other platforms.

The release of this blog really marks the beginning of the Subsocial ecosystem, and the proliferation of dapps utilizing the Subsocial network. Applications on Subsocial can read from the network and filter content in any manner they like. The Polkadot Arena blog does this by only displaying content from certain whitelisted spaces, in order to ensure a curated, high quality blog feed.

Our team continues to build and improve Subsocial’s developer experience and ecosystem. If you are interested in building on Subsocial or integrating our tech, check out our docs or join our developer Telegram.

About Subsocial

Subsocial is a social networking platform built to support the social networks of the future. These apps will feature built-in monetization methods and censorship resistance, where users will own their content and social graphs. Built with Substrate pallets, Subsocial is a one-of-a-kind in the Dotsama ecosystem, and designed specifically for social interactions. These interactions do not have to be specifically social networking, as Subsocial can support apps like YouTube, Shopify, or even Airbnb.

To learn more about Subsocial and the future of social networking, check out our links:

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Yung Beef 4.2Post author

Content Lead & Community Manager at Subsocial, Content Lead at The Polkadot Experience & The Canary Network Experience, Advisor at SkyLabsCorp

Subsocial is an open platform that allows for the integration of user-friendly Web3 social features into existing applications, or the creation of brand new socially-powered apps from the ground up. In fact, Subsocial's innovative UX solutions make using Web3 so simple, even your grandma can use it!

By providing all of the native features required for creating decentralized social experiences, Subsocial allows developers to focus on building apps, not on re-inventing the wheel, and helps them stand out from the competition by delivering a user-centric social experience.

To learn more about Subsocial and the future of social networking, check out our links:

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