Introducing Spacer Squads

With the launch of the Spacers Pod sale, we are here today to highlight one of the Spacers’ cool features.

Spacer Squads are a concept that allows us to add some fun game elements to the Spacers NFT collection, create excellent opportunities to partner with other projects and their communities, and allow Spacers to show loyalty to their favorite projects.

We have partnered with a large number of projects in the Polkadot and Kusama ecosystems to create Spacer Squads for them. But, how do you join a Spacer Squad?

Spacer NFTs have many slots that can equip items, and one of these is the shoulder patch slot. As a result of partnering with us, projects in the ecosystem will have their logos turned into shoulder patches that can be equipped onto Spacers, thus entering the Spacer into that project’s Spacer Squad.

In order to receive one of these patches, you will need to look for the partner code provided by your favorite participating team, and enter that when buying your Spacer Pod. After the pods open to reveal the Spacers inside, the correct shoulder patch will be airdropped to you, allowing you to join your favorite team’s Spacer Squad.

Why did we create this feature, and how is it useful? First of all, we think this is a great way to increase community development within the Spacers collection. Creation of a Spacer Squad also creates another community avenue for projects partnering with us, allowing them to do things in the future like special airdrops to members of their Squad. We already plan to build special Subsocial functionality for owners of Spacers, and this will enable us to create even more niche, limited, and exciting functionality options. Last but not least, this acts as a great way to help your favorite projects, simply by increasing the exposure of their brand. Equipping a shoulder patch and joining a Spacer Squad is effectively passive marketing for that project, so if you have big bags of a certain token, you might want to make sure you’re in that Squad.

The current list of Spacer Squads can be found in the Spacers docs page titled Partner Codes & Patches.

Don’t see your favorite project? Ask them to get in touch with us as soon as possible! You can have them message @YungBeef4 on Telegram.

Make sure to look out for your favorite team’s partner code, and use it when participating in the Spacers Pod sale. Note that you can use multiple different partner codes if you love more than one project, however you will have to perform separate transactions for each code that you use. After that, simply wait until the time is right, open your Spacer Pod, and your shoulder patch or patches will be delivered to you promptly.

Once equipped, you’ll be able to see that your Spacer has entered the corresponding Spacer Squad on our dedicated Spacer app! Wearers of certain patches might even get special rewards…

Make sure to join the SpacerDAO Discord server to join the community in discussing the direction of the project!

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