Interesting Accounts

Have you ever wanted to know what important ecosystem members are doing with their crypto? You can now learn about their current holdings and transaction data to benefit from the useful context of on-chain analytics.

Sub.ID has been live for 10 months now, and most people use it just to look at their own profile. But the potential functionality of Sub.ID is so much more than that. Since launch, users have been able to look at the profiles of other accounts on Sub.ID, though, until now, you could only do so if you already knew the address of that other account. We have added the interesting accounts page to make that easier.

The Interesting Accounts page lets you see councilors and validators from Polkadot and Kusama, and large contributors to crowdloans. If they have set any profile information on Subsocial, it will appear on their card, and you can click on any profile picture to be taken to that account’s Sub.ID profile. On their profile, you can see their addresses, balances, crowdloan activity, and NFTs.

Now, you can keep track of what some of these big guys are doing, and if you think they know something you don’t, you can copy their actions. In the future, we plan on integrating more features to support this.

For now, see what kind of interesting accounts you can find, and let us know about them in our chats!

About Subsocial

Subsocial is a social networking platform built to support the social networks of the future. These apps will feature built-in monetization methods and censorship resistance, where users will own their content and social graphs. Built with Substrate pallets, Subsocial is a one-of-a-kind in the Dotsama ecosystem, and designed specifically for social interactions. These interactions do not have to be specifically social networking, as Subsocial can support apps like YouTube, Shopify, or even Airbnb.

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Yung Beef 4.2Post author

Content Lead & Community Manager at Subsocial, Content Lead at The Polkadot Experience & The Canary Network Experience, Advisor at SkyLabsCorp

Subsocial is an open platform that allows for the integration of user-friendly Web3 social features into existing applications, or the creation of brand new socially-powered apps from the ground up. In fact, Subsocial's innovative UX solutions make using Web3 so simple, even your grandma can use it!

By providing all of the native features required for creating decentralized social experiences, Subsocial allows developers to focus on building apps, not on re-inventing the wheel, and helps them stand out from the competition by delivering a user-centric social experience.

To learn more about Subsocial and the future of social networking, check out our links:

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