Calling All Visual Artists!

Hello once again, everyone. Today we have an exciting opportunity for all of the visual artists out there. We have yet another update in the works for Sub.ID: We will be adding a slot for a rectangular banner at the top of all profiles!

However, these won't be any old banners, they will only be NFTs. We are building it in such a way that the only banners you can use are NFTs that you own, so you either have to create your own banner, or buy one from a banner artist.

Now, why are we looking for artists? We are seeking to partner with banner creators for a wide selection of possible banners that people can purchase for their Sub.ID profile. Artists will create and mint their work, and sell it directly to their customers, as always. Where we come in is that we will be recommending certain collections of "SubBanners" to Sub.ID users who are interested in purchasing a banner (think of Curated pieces on Singular). It is essentially free marketing for you, and we are creating an entire new market segment. Everyone already uses NFTs for profile pictures, but hardly anyone uses or makes NFTs for banners. Perhaps this will kickstart the Twitter NFT banner craze…

The Details

  • Sub.ID Banners will have an aspect ratio of 3:1, and preferably be at least 1500x500 pixels.
  • Please create a new collection for banners, and include "SubBanners" in the name.
  • SubBanners can be minted on Singular/RMRK or Unique Network.
  • A space theme is preferred (planets, aliens, spaceships, etc.) but not required, you can create anything you wish. Unique generative patterns are also highly desired.
  • SubBanners can be images or short video clips/gifs.
  • Feel free to also make profile picture/avatar NFTs (at a 1:1 aspect ratio, 500x500 or higher) along with SubBanners and sell them as a pair. If doing so, please create a collection with "SubCombos" in the name.
  • Use .svg file format if you want to future proof them for RMRK 2.0

If you are interested, please get in contact with us through Twitter, Discord, or Telegram.

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Subsocial is an open platform that allows for the integration of user-friendly Web3 social features into existing... Show More