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On this episode of SAS, we chatted with the creators of one of Singular's most unique NFT projects--Skylab Corporation. Most NFT projects have an end goal of becoming a metaverse or game, but the Skylab Corporation is focused entirely on creating a story-based experience using composable NFTs. As in, the Skylabs Corporation is an NFT project which unfolds based on a story. Each new fork in the story is accompanied by NFT drops. What is impressive about this is that this is the point of the collection. There's no other overarching goal (of course, the team could very well iterate for more in the future, but for now, this is their focus).

On its own, that is impressive enough, but when you consider the pedigree of one of the co-founders, things become more interesting. Akin Goecmenli is a visual effects whiz who has worked on Hollywood's biggest blockbusters, including Avenger's Endgame. As a result, the 3D art offered in collaboration with the story is of the highest quality.

We enjoyed chatting with the team and learning more about this innovative collection.

RMRK: What motivated you to mint on Singular?

Skylab Corporation

The professional 3D element is largely missing from the NFT space, and we wanted to combine it with a storytelling experience and the community. The main reason we decided to build on RMRK technology is because of its composable NFTs. We saw a lot of room for creativity that the RMRK tech provides with its innovative developments, so we decided to build on it.

Have you worked on collections in the past before coming to singular?

No. SkyLab Corporation is our first NFT project on Singular.

How many collections have you minted on Singular?

We minted 100 Keycards 3 months ago and 1000 Incubator Tanks recently. Both of the collections were sold out and fully met the expectations we had.

What is the Skylabs Corporation inspired by?

SkyLab Corporation is inspired by Umbrella Corporation from the Resident Evil series. We try to convey the feeling of fear and horror in the cinematic, and the shady Corporation which is doing out-of-border scientific experiments.

Walk us through the execution of your NFT collection release.

We first brainstormed, designed, and planned the whole concept for around 6 months. Many ideas and concepts were scrapped until we finally went with the one we are doing now. We can't really tell more about the entire concept we are doing, since we are still in our revelation phase.

But for the start, we released our Trailer, where an incident in our labs happened. As a result, Labs in Sector 65 were vulnerable to hacker attacks. Sector 65 is the place where the experiments on The Artemis Project are located. So we needed to get down into Sector 65. But the Section was sealed off by security systems because of the incident, so we had to wait for the Security Department to release a device or a Key to get access to it.

That Key was a Keycard with the code to enter the Door. The door in itself was a NFT created by Tricky to demonstrate a function to open a door by equipping a Key Card. The door was opened using the Key Card X to enter.

Every Junior scientist received a level 1 Key Card while levels 2 and 3 were on sale. Those cards hold special perks, like a lifetime pass, which will give Parent NFTS. Level 2 and 3 will also get equippable items additionally.

Once the Gate was open, the Incubators inside were distributed to the Scientists of SkyLab Corporation through the sale and some to Key card holders. Incubator holders now take care of the experiments inside, until they are ready to be born. They will then receive the Parent NFT airdropped.

Shortly after, we will start releasing the equippables for the Parent NFT, which we are really looking forward to.

What would you consider the most important reason for your success?

Trying to be unique. We saw a big opportunity with 3D Art and decided to take the chance. We created Cinematics and a backstory for SkyLab Corporation, which is lacking in the NFT space. Our upcoming NFTs will be 3D too, of course.

Were you once skeptical about NFTs?

We are sceptical of a lot of actual NFT projects outside the RMRK ecosystem, because most of them seem like cash grabs or literal scams. The true value of NFTs are being undermined and abused by those predatory projects.

But since two of our founders already had experience in the crypto space, there wasn’t anything we were afraid of starting off. We knew that NFTs are revolutionary by giving ownership of the digital assets to the owner of the NFT using blockchain technology.

What are some of the most popular criticisms of NFTs you’ve heard?

It’s more like prejudices and presumptions made from what people hear in the media and social media. Most of which are true by the way, like they are just jpegs, most of them are scams and hold no real intrinsic value and are cash grabs. RMRK is turning the table here with composability, giving NFTs new use cases and longevity.

What is the one thing you would like to tell artists that are skeptical of NFTs?

There is no reason for artists to be skeptical about NFTs. This is the only place where people will have ownership over art, this means your art will be more appreciated.

What’s the biggest takeaway from your experience?

The most important thing we have experienced is the welcoming community we have. They have always been supportive no matter what stage we were in. Especially at the beginning when we barely provided any information about the project yet they still believed in us. Another big takeaway are the great projects in the Polkadot ecosystem. It’s the only ecosystem where competitors collaborate and support each other.

What is your advice to anyone who wants to release NFTs and make money?

Be unique, provide utility and great art with your NFTs and people will appreciate it.

Anything else you would like to say?

First of all we would like to thank the whole Community that believes in us and to everyone helping us to get where we are. We are still in the beginning of our journey together and no matter the conditions we are going to be building our future together. We also want to thank Marvin Tong for building epic stuff and giving us the opportunity to collaborate with a very promising project like Phala World.

Also, to all the other projects from the ecosystem, don't hesitate to contact us, we are open to working together with the RMRK standard to maximize the utility of this tool we have in our hands. We have an opportunity to merge all communities and have a big, open world where NFTs can be useful in any project. We are really looking forward to adding variety to the world of NFTs. Thank you.

It was a pleasure chatting with Skylabs Corporation. We are inspired by their approach to NFTs, which justifies our reasoning that the best NFT experiences are yet to be created, and that RMRK's technology is the perfect catalyst for such top tier innovation. We are certainly curious to see how the Skylab story unfolds. Will the corporation destroy the world as a result of their 'unholy' experiment, or will they uncover something that changes the balance of power? Only time will tell.

We wish more NFT project builders embraced such out-of-box thinking rather than settle for copying what has already been done. The first step is becoming aware of the full potential of RMRK. Are you aware?

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