Singular: The Singular Place for Minting and Trading Kusama-native NFTs

The RMRK Team is proud to announce the launch of Singular: a new NFT experience on the Kusama network.

The past few months have been wild for the team, from sudden growth and the launch of our seed-phase fundraiser platform Kanaria, to amazing partnerships with the biggest players in the ecosystem (more on that soon), the team and toolkit have both matured more than I could have dreamed of 6 months ago when the project began.

After a long wait, Singular is finally live - RMRK's official NFT minting and trading UI.

Featuring an extremely simple and user-friendly UI, Singular will gently guide you by the hand through your first NFT experience.

The interface will let you mint your NFTs, list it for sale, trade with others, and even send emotes to your or other people's NFTs.

At Singular, our focus is UX, but just to help you along even further, we recorded the following video tutorials on how to use the platforms. Enjoy and if you run into problems, please tell us about them via [email protected]!

How to Create a Kusama Account

How to Get some KSM

How to Mint

How to Send NFTs

How to List for Sale and Buy listed NFTs

Video demonstrates Kanaria but applies equally to Singular.

How to Emote to NFTs

Video demonstrates Kanaria but applies equally to Singular.

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