Singular Artist Spotlight #24 - A Love for Necks and Singular

On this episode of SAS, we spoke to Kate, the creator of the successful Chaos Giraffes collection. To recap on Kate’s Singular journey—the 22-year-old artist made her first foray into NFTs in November 2021, netting over 200 KSM from her collection. We have found a great deal of inspiration in this because, at RMRK (and Singular specifically), our goal is to help creators gain their artistic and economic freedom.

This is our second interview with Kate in less than a year. However, this is not because we think she is the best artist on Singular. Instead, it reflects a difference in subject mater between both interviews. Our first conversation was focused on her Chaos Giraffes collection, but this time, we focused on her love of Singular—how and why she got started, why she loves the platform, why she thinks she succeeded, her biggest takeaways, and her advice to artists who are still on the sidelines.

RMRK: How did you begin your Singular experience?


In november 2021 my friend told me about NFTs. He didn’t know a lot by himself, but he showed me the Bored Apes collection volume and I was impressed. I started my research and of course, for the first weeks I only saw OpenSea NFTs. I figured out that I needed 200 dollars to start there, and I literally didn’t have that money. My salary as a barber was about 600-700$ per month. By the happy turn of events I saw a Singular link one day. They had a Telegram chat, so it was easy to follow. I was impressed by the power of the community, how people helped each other, all those kind words. So I decided to give it a try. On November 26th I started Chaos Giraffes.

What’s your biggest takeaway from your experience?

I would lie if not say money first. I am a kid from a poor family from a poor country. In December I earned lots of money for me and my family. I would also lie if I didn’t mention how many friends I found on Singular and what a strong community we managed to build in such a short period of time. I feel blessed that people love me. I love them all too, that’s why I airdropped 25% of the collection!

Were you once skeptical about NFTs?

Personally, me? Nothing at all. Blockchain is the best thing which people could only have in my opinion, and NFTs is the best that artists could have.

What are some of the most popular criticisms of NFTs you’ve heard?

  1. No utilities - NFTs are just JPEGs (seems to be a very popular opinion, because people love to judge things they have no idea about)
  2. It’s a bubble which will soon burst
  3. Can be hacked too easy

What is the one thing you would like to tell artists that are skeptical of NFTs?

Just try it, man. Just give it a damn try. If you are a nice person and your art is cool, go to Singular, we will give you love!

What do you think played the biggest role in your success?

Well, I feel like we changed the game a bit. When I was watching Singular, some artists were too boring, like: “Hey, this is my NFT, I will list it in 2 hours, go and buy it”. When I came, we started to play new games every day. What we played in 1 month:

  • Duck Race, Leprechaun Race, Space Race, Food Race, Santa Race, Rudolph Race and Snowmen Race
  • Long Neck Speedway Races
  • Basketball, darts, bowling, Lumberjack in telegram
  • Long Neck Poker Open
  • Numerous auctions and Dutch auctions
  • Great Escape, Greater Escape, the Greatest Escape

People were interested in what was happening, wanted to be a part of it, that's why Long Necks United grew so fast. And now people use some of our tricks and I am happy about it!

And yes, I rewarded people a lot. I gave away much more than any others. I didn’t stop even when Giraffes became expensive. I kept giving them away because I really love and appreciate all those people who paid attention to me. And they felt I love them, and that’s how we become stronger every day.

Anything else you would like to say?

I am just blessed to be here, to receive this attention. I mean, I have never given anybody an interview before Singular and this year it’s my second one. I love to pay back to the community, to help everyone who needs my help. Glad to see the Long Necks community rising, love you my Necks.

Kate’s story is illustrative of the power of NFTs to grant economic freedom to artists who would never have had the opportunity in the past. But better than that, her story also illustrates the unique value proposition of Singular as a community of friendly and talented artists who are eager to help each other grow. This is vital because it is easy to underestimate the importance of a supportive community to an artist’s economic growth AND their mental health. It is far easier for us to create our best work when we feel loved and appreciated by the people around us.

Thankfully, the current composition of the Singular community makes this easy for all of us, RMRK team members alike. When Kate says “I love them”, it holds a great deal of meaning for us because this love would have remained unmanifested if Singular was not here.

We love all our artists.

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