RMRK Artist Spotlight #5: Shiba Tales and Glare of NFTs

On this week's episode of Artist Spotlight, we caught up with Shiba Tales, the proud creator of the Bishuojo Collection among others. Like many crypto artists in the space, he found NFTs through the help of a friend and since then he's never looked back.

It was an interesting interview and you can read it below.

Q: How did you get into NFTs?

Shiba Tales:

A friend told me to research what non-fungible tokens were and for an artist creator like myself, I found it exciting to stumble on a new source of income for my art. From there, I learned a little more about the variables and other systems at play that influence crypto, being a fly on the wall and paying attention to the conversations around me, and trying to make sense of all the data collection.

Q: What has you experience with NFT platforms been like?

Shiba Tales:

Some light research revealed that successful crypto artists diversified their point of sale through several ethereum-based marketplaces, so I followed suit initially. We have a handful of artworks on OpenSea, Rarible, and portion.io under the name "shibatales". We sold some work which has been encouraging, but not enough to quit our day jobs. That's why I'm working so hard to be the best in both worlds (art and engineering), so that I can build a platform for our project Shiba Tales that blends NFT art and gaming with 3D and interactivity.

Q: What’s your favorite platform and why? It doesn’t have to be RMRK. We promise, won’t hold it against you.

Shiba Tales:

Singular/RMRK! I love working with the team and I see the endless possibilities of their NFT standard being adopted by many projects, whether on Kusama or not.

Q: What keeps you in NFTs? Money or decentralization?

Shiba Tales:

At first, it was about that other source of income, but as I continue to learn more about web 3.0 tech and decentralization, I want to be part of this space for the long haul and lend my skills and talents to see it mature even further.

Q: What is your creative process like?

Shiba Tales:

I have a traditional art background so paper and pencil sketches have a place in my heart. I use a suite of digital tools to make my creations come to life, one of them being procreate and an Apple pencil. My husband and I collaborate a lot, and we draw inspiration from one another and our Shiba Inus, so our next frontier of learning will take us deeper into the world of 3D animation, AI, and generative art.

Q: How do you see the NFT space shaping up?

Shiba Tales:

Honestly, the first initial waves of the NFT craze were an adrenaline-filled, heart-pumping experience. Right now, though most of these NFTs (especially on Ethereum) are only collecting digital dust, and you'd be met with extremely high gas fee costs for general transactions. With the work on web 3.0 technologies that I've encountered on the Kusama blockchain, I'm excited to see the work of the many RMRK partnerships come to fruition and transform NFTs into art legos.

Q: Do you own a Kanaria egg? / thoughts on Kanaria

Shiba Tales:

I own 2 Kanaria eggs! I don't remember their numbers atm and I hardly have any emojis on them! Kanaria has been a wonderful experience and that's how I was introduced to the RMRK team in the first place. I'm very honored to help create drawings for the top 40 art contests, as well as coming up with early prototypes for the composable birds.

We hope you enjoyed the interview.

Until next week.

Which artist will you like us to interview in future? Drop a link to their collection on Singular in the comments.

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