Old > Young: Early Eggdopter Probability Bonus

Many community members have reached out understandably disillusioned by the fact that, over time, supporting RMRK with egg purchases brings better bonuses the later you enter the game. Many of our partnerships were announced well in the second half, and the latest team-up with Unique network even happened during the Hou-ou egg-burning festival.

You already know we're no strangers to listening to our community, so to balance things out, we'll be applying extra bias to eggs that have been claimed longer.

Here's what this means:

  • the older your claimed egg is, the higher your multiplier. Maximum is 300%, minimum is 100%, so 1x to 3x. We're still deciding on the curve (quadratic vs linear) - we need to run some tests.
  • you will get a boost to your chances of getting an item at all, and a boost to your item's rarity. This means someone who bought on day 1 of Kanaria or before would have 3x more chances to get a good item than someone who bought on the last day of the sale.

We can't be specific in percentages and numbers so people don't start gaming the system, but suffice it to say we've run enough numbers to be 100% sure this is very fair, and everyone still ends up with something unique and awesome, but early adopters have more chances for something even more awesome.

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