My Singular Collab Experience #1 - ShibaTales

Since launching Kanaria and Singular in 2021, one thing we've been most proud of (among other things 😏) is the strength and vibrancy of the artist community we have attracted to Singular. We feel incredibly lucky because we know we had no hand in it. If the artist community didn't live the values that currently define it--openness, kindness, collaborativeness--we wouldn't be here.

So we thought it right to create a new series focused on highlighting some of the most noteworthy collaborations. Shoutout to Chekov for suggesting this idea.

Our first artist is ShibaTales, the duo behind the successful SHIBAMOJI collection. They have been a very important part of our artist community, even taking the initiative to create Singular Artist Collab Klub (SACK), a Telegram group for Singular artists to get to know themselves better. You can read our first interview with them here.

We loved reading ShibaTale's collab experience and know you will too.

Written by Tako of ShibaTales

I first started minting on Singular back in September 2021. It was slow for me to mint at first but it quickly picked up in October when we created the 31 Days of Shibamoji month-long event. Soon, the collection became so popular and shot up the Kodadot rankings overnight, and it also attracted new artists who wanted to collaborate with me. Yaki was already part of the RMRK community before Singular first went live; he was the very first minter on the platform...a TRUE OG artist!! If I had to choose the #1 collab of collabs, it would be with Shiba Tales, hands down! But since we are already a team and act as one, it would be prudent to list my top five favourite Singular artists:

Skullz, Marlua, and Yumi are dear to me because they were the very first friends I ever made in the space. I was approached by all three to do something new and amazing together, and how could I refuse?

ShibaTales x Skullz

Skullz was the first to take my Shiba model and make something stylistic with it, gracing the front page of Singular for a month.

View on Singular

The collector LUI5 won the auction and still owns the NFT to this day.

ShibaTales x Marlua

Marlua came to me next for a collaboration; our styles are vastly different so I approached our collab differently by creating my first 3D animation loop showcasing their creation: a version in their style of one of the shibalings, Udon.

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It was none other than LUI5 (again!) who purchased this beautiful collab which he still keeps in his collection.

ShibaTales x YumiArts

Yumi and I became friends through the secret artist group Yaki and I created called SACK (Singular Artist Collaboration Klub). We always knew that we wanted to do something incredible together! My collaboration with Yumi introduced the first non-Shibamoji character into the collection. Kitty Paradise was already a well-established, iconic collection of cute cat art, so I didn't want to deviate from her style.

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The collector mcfly descended on our collaboration immediately and now owns both of those NFTs.

ShibaTales x Tommy x Under

Tommy and Under are also very special to me because it was the first time I had ever created character backstories together with other artists. We created a fascinating story about two droid brothers and their master/creator. What an unforgettable experience!

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The collector ART GALLERY purchased all three works.

These artists whom I have collaborated with are now all very well known in the RMRK community. We continue to stay in touch, and I look forward to the day we can get together and do another grand collaboration again. I am very honored to be part of this art community while making history in the Dotsama space.

The beauty of collaborations is that they lead to the creation of unique pieces that neither of the collaborators would have been able to create on their own. We can't wait to learn more about other collaborations.

Until next time.

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