Migrating an NFT from RMRK 1.0 to RMRK 2.0

RMRK 1.0 NFTs are simple NFTs, ethereum-like, they don't do much other than look good, plus have on-chain emotes. That's what we currently have on Singular.

RMRK 2.0 NFTs take things to the next level, as explained in this crowdcast.

To prevent NFTs from being left behind, soon, you will start to see the option to Migrate your NFT, like so:

This will:

  • ask you for confirmation, linking to this post
  • burn your NFT
  • after a few minutes, mint a copy on the RMRK 2.0 standard, where the visuals the NFT had so far become one resource of an NFT on RMRK 2.0 (remember, every RMRK 2.0 NFT is a multi-resource NFT)

For now, we will only make this available for some NFTs (list at the end of this post) that were created with the express purpose of being compatible with Kanaria. The first such NFT is the Khala crowdloan contribution gem.

Specifically, there are three types of gem: early bird, rare, and general. Here's how two of these categories look:

Each will produce a different kind of glasses:

... and these glasses are then equippable onto Kanaria.

The NFT will, at first, only be visible on Kanaria, so it will disappear from your Singular space. However, as we migrate RMRK 2.0 UI functionality over to Singular more and more, the items will re-appear there. However, with Sub.id's integration of both RMRK 1 and RMRK 2 portfolios, you can actually see your items in your Sub.id profile.

Later on, we intend to make it possible for everyone to migrate their RMRK 1.0 NFTs over to this new standard so they can enjoy advanced functionality.

All this is possible because of RMRK's multi-resource NFTs, where a single NFT can have different outputs. One output is a gem, as it was. The other is glasses, so the gem in glasses form. The glasses format of the gem is defined to be equippable on the birds, and the birds collection has whitelisted it to be wearable. You can inspect a RMRK 2.0's alternative resources by clicking on the yellow frames button under its image and inspecting the popup (full resolution previews of alt resources are coming soon).

Note that this does not mean all RMRK 1 NFTs will become compatible with Kanaria. RMRK 2.0 is just a standard for rich NFTs. Only previously agreed-upon partner items will become Kanaria wearables.

Migratable NFTs

  • All Khala contribution gems
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The discussion place for RMRK.app based NFTs. Official announcements and community discussions.