Kanaria's Punkdrop: A gift to the Substrapunks community

TLDR: if you're in the address set at the end of this post, you get a free no-KYC limited-edition egg. You can claim it here for free, no tx fees. We will process claims ONCE PER DAY, so please wait up to 24 hours to get your egg.

The claiming UI is here: https://kanaria.rmrk.app/punkdrop

Kanaria is the first functional NFT collection that is Kusama native, but the true pioneers in the space are Substrapunks.

The first clone of Cryptopunks in this new wave of NFT mainstreamization, Substrapunks were developed during the Hackusama hackathon and won. Deployed on the Unique Network, an NFT-focused Substrate-based blockchain with parachain aspirations on Kusama and Polkadot, Substrapunks enjoy growing popularity and a thriving market of optimistic HODLers.

The initial implementation features a basic marketplace and an innovative bridge to Kusama which allows people to send KSM through the escrow contract set up to handle both punks and KSM.

After some initial bumps in the road, the punks distribution is now relatively evenly distributed and has a healthy and growing community.

We decided to reward this early experimentation with a punkdrop. Each individual owner of one or more unlisted (not listed for sale) punks as per the Unique snapshot taken on Sunday, March 28th, 7pm CET, will get one limited-edition Kanaria egg.

Claiming the Egg

Next week, we will release a UI in which you will be able to cryptographically sign a message with your Kusama address and submit it to the blockchain as a remark. Every address that does this, indicating that it is still active and interested in getting an egg, will get the a random Limited Edition egg from the available pool.

The punkdrop will last for 7 days after which the unclaimed eggs will be returned into the pool of claimable eggs. Technically, we're putting ~385 eggs on hold for you.

To be notified when this UI is up, please follow @rmrkapp on Twitter, subscribe to the Dot Leap newsletter, or join the official chat or our Discord.

List of Qualified Addresses

The full list of qualified addresses is in this gist: https://gist.github.com/Swader/8874741dea2c26c32608673b98340c4d.

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