Kanaria: P2P Trading Enabled

🚨 The functionality below has been moved to Singular.rmrk.app, a new p2p trading platform. The process remains identical.

This past weekend we soft-launched the P2P trading functionality on the Kanaria platform.

After weeks of painstaking R&D, we are convinced that our technology is safe enough for use in P2P trading without significant risks.

For reference, the problem was a possible double-buy where if two people attempt to buy an NFT in the same block, the seller would be paid twice. This is because without smart contracts there is no way to automatically refund the invalid second buy.

We also enabled gifting, so you can now send your eggs to others.

The process is also explaind in this YouTube video.


To gift an egg, open the egg's page and click gift.

Enter the recipient's address and click send. The egg will be sent to its new owner.

Trading: Listing for Sale

To list an NFT for sale, click the "List for sale" button on the NFT's page.

The platform takes a 1% fee on top of every sale, and the popup will let you know how much that is and how much you'll get.

When someone buys the NFT, you will immediately get paid. There is no custody or middleman.

Trading: Buying NFTs

To find NFTs for sale, use the All Eggs page and select the For Sale filter.

Clicking the Buy Now button on the NFT's page will prompt you to confirm the transaction if you have enough balance. Once confirmed, the NFT will become yours and the seller will immediately be paid.

If you run into any bugs, please let us know in t.me/kanaria_official or via email.

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