Kanaria Art Contest: Voting Weights and Deadline Extension

We are opening voting for the Art Contest on June 13th, Sunday.

Submissions for art are extended until June 30th because we simply have too few.

You can vote until July 7th, at midnight between 7th and 8th.

The weights of your votes are not uniform, they depend on your participation in Kanaria.

QualificationVoting weight
Default Kusama holder1
Every Limited Edition egg in your account+1
Every Rare egg in your account+5
Every Founder egg in your account+10
Every Super Founder egg in your account+20
Voter is OWNER of eggx2 to sum above

Additionally, depending on what kind of Kusama and Singular user you are, you get more points on top (these are NOT doubled if you're the owner of the egg):

QualificationVoting weightTip
Account with identity+10Go to Your Space in Singular and "Edit Profile" to get this
Account with judged identity+20Exclusive with above. Find out more here
Kusama Council Member+30See who's council here
Kusama Validators+30How to be a Validator
Kusama Nominators+30How to be a Nominator
Listed and/or sold on Singular before June 12th+10Past interaction only
Founders+50These are RMRK team + our art director Paola
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