Kanaria: Art Contest

Kanaria is a collection of digital NFT eggs which will hatch into birds with long-term platform specific bonuses for all RMRK products and partner apps. The eggs can be bought by anyone with a KSM address and some KSM, and they can recieve emoticons.

The birds of the first 100 eggs (by serial number) will get double art: an image generated by the blockchain randomly but influenced by emoticons received, and a dedicated illustration of guest artists in their own style.

But aside from those, the top 40 most emoted eggs with serial numbers 100 and above will also hatch birds with double art. This contest is about finding the art for those 40 birds.

To recap: The 40 eggs with the most total emotes of any type (2 x πŸ”₯ + 4 x 😍 + 1 x πŸ‘‹ = 7 points), will also be given dual-art by community-sourced artists.

Note: an emote works like a switch. If you send a 🐦 once, and then again from the same address, it turns off. The UI will warn you of this.

Please carefully read the text below.


Until May 31st, egg owners were able to collect emotes on their eggs for the sake of this contest.

As documented in the followup post, the top 25 eggs will include scripted emotes as well, while the next 15 will only count natural emoters.

The eggs have been listed here, where users are able to vote on each entry. The rules are:

  • anyone is free to submit a bird to the RMRK team for consideration, and we will list it on the List to be judged by the community. You must submit until June 30th.
  • the illustration must be SQUARE (1:1), can be vector or raster, but if raster has to be at least 1024x1024.
  • it has to be an illustration or graphic (3d model, gif, or movie) made originally and specifically for this contest, and not a photograph. Photo manipulation is largely fine, but subject to filtering by the core team.
  • you are NOT supposed to mint this as an NFT.
  • the community can vote on each illustration per bird. E.g. let's say bird 1337 has three illustrations: a nerdy bird behind a computer, a Matrix-code bird, and a bird on a beach. The community can vote on any of these. The one with the most votes wins.
  • each vote will cost around $2 total which will be pooled into the prize pool (once chain tx fees are auto-deducted). RMRK will chip in $40000 as well.
  • each individual account can only vote for ONE illustration on each given bird, and each such vote counts as 1 vote. If you change your mind and vote for another illustration on the same bird later, that's still 1 vote. A change of mind does not give you an extra "ticket".
  • depending on how you used your account on Kusama and Singular, and how many eggs you own, your votes will have different weights.
  • after images for all birds have been voted on, the prize pool closes on midnight between July 7th and 8th in CET, and is split 5% - 95%. 5% goes to a random voter (voting from multiple addresses counts and is legal). 95% is evenly divided between all winning illustrators.
  • the winning birds will be secondary art illustrations on the birds that hatch from the 40 most emoted eggs, giving them an additional unique flair.
  • the winning illustrators surrender their copyright to the owner of the bird but are fully attributed (social media is fine) inside the NFT itself, and the losing illustrators keep full rights to their illustrations, though RMRK Team might offer to buy it from them


How do I join?

Join this Telegram group and await further instructions.

You are NOT supposed to mint this as an NFT. Join the TG channel above and read this post.

Don't first submitters have an unfair advantage?

They might, but the votes are switches just like emotes. If a better bird shows up, someone might unvote their previous favorite and vote of the new one instead.

What's the prize?

Ah, you haven't read the whole post, have you? Sigh.

The prize can be anything from $1000 per person (minimum) to $10000, depending on how many votes you and your illustrations bring in! Here's how it works:

  • every vote costs about $2.
  • this amount, minus tx fees of the chain itself, is put into the pot, which is initialized at $40000 by RMRK.
  • at the end, the whole pot is split 5-95, with 5% going to a random voter, and 95% going to all the winning artists, evenly distributed. So if there's $50000 in the pool, that's 47500 to give out to artists, which means each winner gets around $1900.
  • It is possible to win multiple prizes.

What are the submission rules?

  • do not submit draft images
  • do not submit the same image under multiple eggs
  • do not submit obscene images, or images completely unrelated to Kanaria
  • do not submit photos, or vaguely manipulated photos. Heavily manipulated photos are fine, as long as they are in the spirit of Kanaria - we'll be the judges of that.

Isn't this easy to game?

You can make plenty of accounts and vote from those, but each active account on Kusama requires an existential deposit, so making new ones is not free, neither is submitting these votes. Someone can game it for better chances, but it won't be cheap. We also have different voting weights applied, so not all accounts are on equal footing.

What if a winning image is obscene?

Images are first filtered by the RMRK team to prevent this.

How much does it cost to emote?

Currently the transaction fee is around $0.01.

Does it matter when I emote?

Not at all, only the final tally matters.

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