Changelog 8: Collection locks, curation, migration, and more

We'd like to tell you about some changes on Singular!


You can now migrate your old RMRK 1 collections to the new RMRK 2 standard using the context menu next to a collection's title.

Things to keep in mind:

  • when the migration process is initiated, it does NOT automatically move each owner's NFT. Instead it:
    • takes ownership of the RMRK1 collection (changes issuer), disabling creation of new NFTs in the RMRK1 version.
    • makes a new RMRK2 collection with the same ID.
    • clones every RMRK1 NFT from the collection into the RMRK2 collection, but keeps ownership of these clones.
    • enables the "MIGRATE" option for every NFT in the RMRK1 collection. When owners click this option, the NFT is burned on the RMRK1 end, and the RMRK2 clone is sent to their address.

The NFTs that can be migrated will be pointed out like this:

Burn Note

When burning an NFT you can now set a Burn Note.

This note is something that is logged alongside the BURN transaction and can be fetched by indexers or by manually inspecting the transaction. Issuers can use this for all sorts of purposes - merch redeems, whitelist participation, and more.

Collection Locking and Ownership Transfer

You can now transfer ownership of a collection to someone else. This is useful for selling the IP rights, moving to a new account if the original is compromised, or other scenarios.

You can also LOCK a collection now, permanently limiting its number of maximum NFTs. This is useful when you mistakenly set it as unlimited or do not know how many NFTs it will contain before you decide to "seal" it. A locked collection cannot be unlocked.

Account Search

The account selection popup now has a search input, allowing you to quickly filter down the list of your accounts!

Submit For Curation + Progress View

You can now submit a collection for curation right from the collection's page.

This will take you to the Curation DAO's new proposal creation page, and pre-populate the title of the proposal in the correct format.

The Curation DAO now supports reading of RMRK balances from all 4 chains it is available on: Biforst, MOVR, Karura, and Statemine.

Once a collection is in the voting process, this will be indicated on the collection's page as well, next to the title.

Minor fixes

  • some bug fixes regarding rendering
  • some bug fixes regarding indexing on the back end
  • collection charts were missing for a while, but now they are back
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The discussion place for based NFTs. Official announcements and community discussions.