Art Contest Reward Boost

In case you missed it, we are running an art contest:

Submissions are now over.

Voting on entries costs $2 per entry per first vote. Subsequent votes on that entry (changing one's mind) are free.

Each first vote per entry counts as a raffle ticket, and the winner gets 5% of the pot, which is $40000 + the sum of all the $2 votes. So if 1000 different people vote on ALL the eggs, the pool becomes 1000 * 40 * 2 + 40000 = $120,000. 5% of that is $6000.

To further encourage people to vote, we're adding a new reward into the mix. 10 more unique winners will be drawn, each of whom will get an NFT minted from one of the non-winning art submissions in this contest. The non-winning art we select will be purchased for a non-negotiable $200 per piece in KSM.

The RMRK team will pick and mint these pieces, and randomly assign them to the 10 additional winners.

Good luck!

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