OpenSquare's work in 10.2021



  • Finish the basic business scan for NFT module
  • Improve the home page search feature, so user can search a asset by id
  • Show extrinsic, event args by JSON format
  • Add link to account detail page


  • Split the treasury output and income scan process for fast refactor and rescan
  • Fix the treasury inflation income check
  • Fix the democracy slash check

Off-chain voting

  • Finish home page, space page and proposal detail page development and test
  • Add necessary test cases for either fronted and backed code
  • Submit delivery to web3 foundation, waiting for review


  • Add council and tech comm members list
  • Finish bounty scan and fronted page development
  • Support Khala
  • Improve the view for proposal call

Cooperation and collaboration

OpenSquare proposed the #115 treasury proposal to kusama treasury and it passed the council vote. We will add NFT features to statescan with this fund.

OpenSquare finished the 1st phase development and delivered it to web3 foundation, waiting for review.

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OpenSquare is a collaboration and reputation platform in Polkadot ecosystem

OpenSquare is a collaboration and reputation building platform in Polkadot ecosystem