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2 months ago, OpenSquare start a discussion on polkassembly which propose to extend kusama treasury with remark and reputation building. After some explanation and clarification to our ideas, our treasury proposal for M1 was approved.

Now we are very happy to announce that we have successfully finished our work and deliver dotreasury. We can see it now as a treasury explorer for Kusama.

Main features


On the overview page, we can get the kusama treasury overview, including:

  • Proposal/tip/bounty active and finished count
  • Treasury output distribution
  • Top proposal beneficiaries
  • Top tip finders

Expense list and detail page

Expense means proposals, tips and bounties. We show the list and details of them. Good features we provided:

  • We show the related links on the expense list, so users can get them directly.
  • We show the timeline of each expense. For example, we can get the motions for corresponding proposals.

Future plans

  • Support remarks. With this feature, either community or token holders can express their opinions to each expense.
  • Support polkadot.
  • Treasury funded projects page. With this, users can remark the target funded projects which may cost several proposals.
  • Treasury participator reputation building.

Any suggestions? Join dotreasury telegram.

About OpenSquare

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OpenSquare is a collaboration and reputation platform in Polkadot ecosystem

OpenSquare is a collaboration and reputation building platform in Polkadot ecosystem