OpenSquare August Monthly Report

Product Development

doTreasury - Treasury Explorer

  • Add Treasury Burnt Trending Chart
  • Completion of frontend development for Proposal Grading
  • Support Tip Detail URL without the created block
  • Added Polkassembly link to Tip Detail
  • Scanning script refactor to improve the performance
  • Query Identities with OpenSquare self-developed Identity Api

statescan - Asset Explorer

Official delivery of statescan:

  • Completion of demonstration and scan of Teleport
  • Analysis Tab added to the Asset Detail Page which enables users can check the trend of transfers amount, count, and asset holder count
  • Added unconfirmed block and transactions scan and view
  • Improved arguments show of Event and Extrinsic
  • Show identity for addresses

Coinask - Paid Q&A Platform

  • Released Photo Upload function based on Decoo
  • Added anti-robot Verfication function for registration
  • Supports the official node of Darwinia & Coinversation

Off-chain Voting Governance Platform

  • Completion of product prototype and fronted pages design
  • Complete the frontend Layout and Homepage development, including Proposal Listing and Detailed Page

Community Operation

  • Darwinia's official settlement on CoinAsk and conducted AMA titling "Metaverse and its Dao"
  • Strategicly partnered with Bifrost and conducted AMA titling "Parachain Auction Liquidity Protocol SALP"
  • Coinversatin's official settlement on CoinAsk and conducted AMA titling its "EVM Dex - Kaco"
  • Conducted a Quiz with Crust for its official MainNet and rewarded users
  • Added statescan and CoinAsk to ProlkaProject
  • Released article "statescan delivery by OpenSquare" on subsocial
  • Linked statescan and doTreasury to Polkadot Apps

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OpenSquare is a collaboration and reputation platform in Polkadot ecosystem

OpenSquare is a collaboration and reputation building platform in Polkadot ecosystem