Collaboration mining by OpenSquare Network

Decentralized Collaboration

Under the exection environment of blockchain, collaboration steps are stored as transactions in block. People send transaction when they start a collaboration, update the progress, and close the collaboration. No one can change the collaboration history when the correponding collboration transactions are finalized, while this is very important for reputation building.

Collaboration Mining

Most of users' data now lives in the central server of big companies. These companies earn profit from this data while users' data worth actually value.

User should benifit from their own data.

token economy

In OpenSquare, users can get reward from their collaboration.


  • Bounty Funder
  • Bounty Hunter
  • Council who handle the platform routine business

Who will get reward in OpenSquare

  • Collaborators: collaboration participants, most include the above roles, and proportion of each collaborator is decided by their cotribution to the platform. More collaborations, more mining power.
  • Validators who maintain the network security.
  • Treasury which will be used for platform development.
  • Council
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OpenSquare is a collaboration and reputation platform in Polkadot ecosystem

OpenSquare is a collaboration and reputation building platform in Polkadot ecosystem