🌟 Subspace Relayer Project Spotlight: Statemint

Subspace is archiving the full history of Statemint parachain in real-time to further support the decentralization of the Polkadot ecosystem

Currently, over 2.7 GiB is permanently stored on the Subspace Aries Test Network

TLDR; Statemint allows users to: ✅ Deploy promise-backed assets with a DOT/KSM deposit ✅ Set admin roles for an AssetId to mint, freeze, thaw, and burn tokens ✅ Register assets as "self-sufficient" if the Relay Chain agrees ✅ Pay fees using asset balances ✅ Transfer assets

Statemint is the first common-good parachain on Polkadot Network

As a common-good parachain, Statemint will stay fully aligned with the Relay Chain’s token holders. As such, the Relay Chain’s governance bodies will have control over the direction of the chain and make decisions

Statemint is a generic asset parachain that allows any entity to deploy assets on the Polkadot Network by staking an adequate amount of $DOT (or $KSM)

Statemint is a critical infrastructure that allows the Polkadot and Kusama networks to interact with the rest of the on-chain and off-chain world

Possible use cases are, but not limited to:

💰 DeFi platform issuing a stablecoin 🎨 Artists issuing a coin representing their artwork 🏦 Central bank issuing digital currency

Through Statemint, anyone can create, track, and move assets on Polkadot and Kusama networks

As a part of the broader effort to make the Polkadot ecosystem more decentralized, the Subspace Network is archiving the full history of the Polkadot Relay Chain and all live parachains as a public service

For more details, please our blog on Medium: https://medium.com/subspace-network/archiving-polkadot-on-the-subspace-aries-test-network-b715b3e897a

Through a simple integration, Subspace is able to help the Polkadot ecosystem maintain and improve its decentralization while ensuring the entire history of the Relay Chain is permanently stored and always accessible.

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