🌟 Ecosystem Spotlight: Astar Network

Subspace Network is archiving the full history of the Astar Network parachain in real-time. Astar Network is the #1 TVL Smart Contract Hub for WASM + EVM on Polkadot.

Since winning its Parachain auction in January 2022, Astar Network has become one of the top parachains in the Polkadot ecosystem in Total Value Locked and most Ethereum assets transferred over.

It connects the Polkadot ecosystem to Ethereum, Cosmos, and all major layer 1 blockchains.

Astar supports dApps using multiple virtual machines, namely WASM and EVM, and offers the best technology solutions and financial incentives via its Build2Earn and Astar Incubation Program for Web3 developers to build on top of a secure, scalable, and interoperable blockchain.

To incentivize developers who are contributing to network growth, Astar divides block rewards between two groups - 50% of the block rewards are distributed to dApp developers who increase the value of the network while the other 50% of rewards are distributed to the validators.

Astar recently celebrated a huge milestone of reaching over 336,000 unique wallet addresses with the TVL hovering around $1 Billion 🔥

The Subspace Network team is thrilled to support Astar with our Subspace Relayer to ensure the history of its blockchain remains accessible and is retained indefinitely.

View real-time updates of the Subspace Relayer here: https://testnet-relayer.subspace.network/

By storing and validating multi-chain histories on our massively distributed permanent storage layer, Subspace will enable native cross-chain functionalities and further support a multi-chain future.

Read more below https://medium.com/subspace-network/archiving-polkadot-on-the-subspace-aries-test-network-b715b3e897a

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