Ingo @ Games & E-Sports Summit!

Gaming, E-Sports and the metaverse are coming. Have a listen to Ingo talk about KILT E-Sports and Gaming and what KILT, identity and credentials can do for the space!

KILT ProtocolPost author

KILT is a blockchain protocol for issuing self-sovereign, anonymous, verifiable credentials. It is part of the Kusama and Polkadot ecosystems.

KILT is an open-source fat blockchain protocol for issuing claim-based verifiable, revocable, and anonymous credentials in the Web 3.0. It allows end users to claim arbitrary attributes about themselves, get them attested by trusted entities, and store the claims as self-sovereign credentials (certificates). As trusted entities can issue credentials in return for money, KILT aims to foster new business models for anyone who owns trust or wants to build up trust. KILT Protocol comes with a simple JavaScript SDK where useful applications can be built without requiring any blockchain development skills.