Web3Nomad: LLMs - An Allergic Reaction

I'll start by saying that neither the text nor the image were generated by AI.

So, AIs and LLMs are here.
I was blown away at first.
I was having some of the most profound interactions with these. The more I pulled on threads the crazier and captivating they got.

Then suddenly something happened to me. I don't really want to do it anymore. It doesn't really inspire me in the way that most creative things do. Seeing people's most wonderful creations using AI meant nothing. And my own interactions and creations with these LLMs began to mean nothing.

At first I thought I was just doing the prompting wrong (and maybe I was) but as improved my prompting I still wasn't feeling any different. It still feels devoid of any meaning to me, despite some of these interactions being so profound.

I look at tech as modified behavior. No matter the tech. A chair makes you sit, a pen makes you write, a tv makes you watch, etc. You get the point.

What I love about doing the creative work that I do is that it engages me in multiple ways. I first normally go out to a remote place to film the sun, which means I have to drive somewhere or get to a place physically.

While filming I'm moving physically and traversing space.
While I'm writing music, I'm playing a physical guitar or a keyboard just for fun before I have something that I want to record. This engages my mind and body in specific ways. The last thing I do is sit on the computer to record, mix and master. Same with video editing my footage, it comes at the end.

There's so much that happens at so many different levels between the thought or idea and finally sitting down to digitize it.

The behavior is what is important to me. What happens to the movement of my body as I do all these activities and how that lights up in my brain.

But creative work with LLMs changes the behavior in a way that is too drastic for me. I'm mostly chatting by typing text into a box. And a few months later, despite the profoundness and beauty of the results of these things, I'm really bored from chatting.

Every time I open chatgpt or bing I close it right away. And now many days pass without me even opening these apps. They don't inspire me. Chatting is not inspiring to me. It's quite dull despite the incredible outputs uttered by the LLMs

So I feel like I'm having an allergic reaction of sorts. Not to the AIs because I still believe that these are powerful and incredible tools, but to the behavior they engender.

The allergic reaction I felt was so much that it pushed me to seek out more activities in the analogue world. Doing things in meat space. Playing and seeing live shows, rock climbing and hiking, board games, skateboarding, etc.

The more I do these activities, the less I feel the need to engage with LLMs and even the online world for that matter. And I think it's due to the difference in how these activities stimulate my brain.

In conclusion, I'm taking a break from LLMs for creative work for now.
At least until I can use them in the way I'd like to use them.
I'm mostly using them now to teach myself some things, but even that get's boring and still prefer to just watch youtube videos.

This does not mean that I will stop putting out content, although I recognize I've been putting out very little content as of late as I struggled in my mind with these ideas.
It only means that my strategy and approach to content is shifting.

I still have a lot of creative work in progress and some finished but unpublished work as well. So, Eclipsing Binary is still strong and lives on.

Thank you very much for reading 🙏❤️

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