Non-Dystopian Part 3: Agency

Non-Dystopian is a sci-fi horror music trilogy of mini songs. It was inspired by Historian and Futurist Thinker Yuval Noah Harari and his exploration of the idea of Artificial Intelligence Sidekicks if they were designed to act in the best interest of humans.

In this third part of the trilogy Harari tells the story that even if A.I. sidekicks act in your best interest, you still lose agency over your life.

I’ll just say that, usually, at this point in the discussion, we start talking about all the dystopian scenarios. And how all kinds of dictators and totalitarian regimes can take over the world. What I usually find most interesting and most disturbing line of thought, is not the dystopias. What happens to humanity when you have this kind of technology really serving whatever it means to be your best interest. But again, it’s not a kind of evil system that is trying to take over the world. It really tries to make your life better. I think that is the core plot of Brave New World, in a way. That, let’s put aside the dystopias and still, you have something out there that knows you far better than you know yourself and that increasingly makes all the decisions in your life. It could be this kind of perfect mentor or A.I. Sidekick that guides your life. And again, it’s not an evil system but you still lose agency over your life.

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