Non-Dystopian Part 2: The Romantic Ideal

Non-Dystopian is a sci-fi horror music trilogy of mini songs. It was inspired by Historian and Futurist Thinker Yuval Noah Harari and his exploration of the idea of Artificial Intelligence Sidekicks if they were designed to act in the best interest of humans.

In this second part of the trilogy Yuval Noah Harari speaks about optimizing A.I sidekicks to help humans with relationships.

***It never happened before with the evolution of life on Earth. No kind of organism ever had this ability to hack itself. To re-engineer itself. This is why it is often referred to as a point of singularity.

Also I think that our imagination cannot go beyond that point. And why like all science fiction movies and all rules break down at that point. Our own imagination is still the product of the old system and our own imagination is exactly what is now... can be changed, can be hacked.

***I would look at it from a different perspective. One of the deepest urges or desires of every human being is to be really understood. * The Romantic ideal is really about that. That there would be at least one person out there who really knows who I am, who really understands me, who accepts me as I am with all my problems and all my scratches and whatever. And the new technology offers to fulfill this idea.

***It won’t be your mother, it won’t be your, at least not human lover. It will be an A.I. system, but it will know exactly who you are and will accept you as you are and will even work in your best interest. What could be more attractive than that? * You come back home from work and you are tired and you’re a bit angry about something that happened at work and whatever, but your spouse doesn’t notice it because your spouse is too busy with his or her own emotional issues. But your smart refrigerator gets it. Like, you get back home and your husband doesn’t understand you but your refrigerator does. ***

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