Non-Dystopian Part 1: The Communal

Non-Dystopian is a sci-fi horror music trilogy of mini songs. It was inspired by Historian and Futurist Thinker Yuval Noah Harari and his exploration of the idea of Artificial Intelligence Sidekicks if they were designed to act in the best interest of humans.

In this first part of the trilogy Harari speaks about optimizing A.I sidekicks to help humans have better connections with their communities.

**In principle, you can tell the A.I. Sidekick “Look, I want you to develop my communal feelings. I want you to develop my communal activities”. And if you are not talking about the dystopian version, and if this is the aim that you are giving the A.I. Sidekick, it will potentially be better than anybody in fulfilling it. Better than any human mentor, any human educational system and even government. The A.I. Sidekick will know how to turn up your communal emotions, you know, find the right way for you individually to feel closer to the community.

Now you can be much more precise and even tell people “Look, this religion is not for you, maybe you were born to Jewish parents but for your personality, better try Mormonism. It will work much better for you”.

So, even there, if you let go of the dystopian version, the A.I could actually make it work more effectively. The big question is, what is the ethical basis for all that. If human feelings are no longer the basis because they are kind of malleable stuff that the system can change whichever way, so what defines the aims?

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