Far Simpler Than We Are (Music Video)

Psychiatrist, writer, and former Oxford literary scholar, Iain McGilchrist tells us a few differences between machines and humans.
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Far Simpler Than We Are
Machines are essentially far simpler than we are.
There aren’t any machines nearly as complex as we are.
They tend to be closed systems.
They tend to be close to the point of equilibrium.
Whereas things in nature don’t have defined borders.
They’re in a complex interrelationship with the environment and with everything around them.
They are usually maintained far from a point of equilibrium.
They can’t be switched on and switched off in the way a machine can and hope to still exist. If I switch off anybody, that’s it, they’re dead, they’re finished, they can’t come back again. A machine can be started up again.

So, there's a lot of these differences.
The machine is, you know, put together for a purpose by us.
We are not, as far as we know, for a specific purpose of some other being.
It doesn’t mean that we don’t have purpose.
That’s a separate argument, we have to talk about that at some point.
So, we’re different in that respect. And we can’t be treated like that.

When a human being, or an organism of any kind is growing, it’s not sort of first made by a force that puts bits together.
Things like the heart, the liver, the spleen, or whatever, are not sort of put together.
They emerge seamlessly out of the whole that is growing all the time.
And the machine doesn’t write its own code at the same time that is being made whereas organisms appear to do this. Which is a really remarkable fact.

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