Bard Spell 1 - aDAOptation

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It feels like a grieving process

We are letting go of an old way of doing things

It's a kind of death and so we'll mourn

We'll cry, we'll lash out, we'll laugh

and hopefully, we'll talk through the difficult situations

But the grief is real

and the uncertainty is true

so we must process

to willingly bring a

a creative version of ourselves

to the development of the future of our societies

Why are we doing this?

What kind of problem are we trying to solve?

Is it a replication of Web 2 on Web 3?

The narcissism, the noise?

reducing humans to bytes?

is it an "Invest in me and I'll promise you heaven" type of pyramid?

Are we building cults?

We must adapt our map as we walk through this novel, uncertain, and full of traps territory

The old maps alone won't do

But we must allow ourselves to grieve to make peace with the old, to let go the parts that don't work

and bring with us the wisdom that they left

Not for you, not for me, but for all

Eclipsing BinaryPost author

Traversing space and time singing about the cosmos, society and love. Web3Nomad