PolkaDefiance Annual online conference on Defi on Polkadot


Join PolkaDeFiance if you are aimed to be on the cutting-edge of innovations in the rapidly changing #DeFi universe and you need to constantly pick out certain signals from the noise.

Details at: https://bit.ly/3JOnHoU

👉 https://twitter.com/dotmarketcap/status/1516287994726334465?s=21&t=cgGeSMWq0UcN73_ImBe1Rg


Dotmarketcap is a website where you can find data of prices, charts, capitalization as well as the latest information and analysis of entire projects on the Polkadot ecosystem. The #DotEcoCap concept is the most accurate and general indicator to measure the overall development of the Polkadot ecosystem. In addition, Dotmarketcap has a place in verifying the accuracy of projects, educating the community about the Polkadot ecosystem, newsletters or on-chain data. DOT.Research is our passion for diving deep into potential projects on Polkadot.