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Project Introduction

Talisman is a web3 wallet for the Polkadot and Kusama (Dotsama) ecosystems. It is a community-owned wallet for the multi-chain future. Talisman was planned and built as an all-in-one wallet to establish support for as much services as possible depending on how the Polkadot, Kusama and parachains evolve over time.

Project Highlight

"Polkadot is a meta protocol – a Layer 0 that enables multiple blockchains to connect to each other, be interoperable, decentralised and scalable while benefiting from the security of the Relay chain. Talisman is an all-in one wallet that help us unlock the full potential of this newly born ecosystem and speed up its growth.

The Talisman wallet and extension is armed with a wide range of tools and features for the end-users to discover and explore Dotsama. It’s main advantage is the user-friendly UI and simplicity.

Three core characteristics of the Talisman wallet and extension.

  • Transaction comprehension

  • Multi- chainstate

  • Abstractness

  1. Transaction comprehension.

As already-mentioned, the Talisman team is proud of its product UI and overall branding, which is giving it an edge over the somehow too technical and complex interface Polkadot.js has.

But that does not mean there is less going on in the background. On the contrary, Talisman gives even more input in regards to what transaction the end-user is engaged with and/or signing.

The transaction comprehension is basically a more in-depth understanding of what is going on in the back-end as the event description is provided in the transaction modal and can be fully reviewed before acknowledging.

  1. Multi- chainstate

As its name suggests, the idea here is to facilitate a fast, low-latency access to all parachains on Polkadot and Kusama. For this purpose, Talisman created the Talisman Connect customer library that extracts data from the connected chains on Dotsama.

The idea is to be able to connect to Parachains and collect data without using centralised middleware, RPCs or initialising a full API for every chain.

  1. Wallet abstractness

Talisman was planned and will be built as an all-in-one wallet to establish support for as much services as possible depending on how the Polkadot, Kusama and parachains evolve over time. Flexibility is the key.

Multiple features are enabled including:

  • Crowdloan contribution (Crowdloan contribution via Talisman is onchain)
  • Multiple accounts support
  • Portfolio view and management across multiple platforms on Polkadot and Kusama
  • Inbound and outbound transfers.
  • In-app cryptocurrency purchases
  • NFT full support and gallery Project History

Talisman been working in web3 for some years already. Collectively, Talisman have supported a handful of projects run by our friends to build tech, hire like-minded adventurers, raise money and set sail. In doing so, Talisman have witnessed first-hand the power that decentralised networks and token incentives have to influence people and how they organise. Talisman fundamentally believe that open blockchain networks enable the democratisation of monetary policy and will disrupt the state’s control over the money supply.

Given the seriousness of the situation, Talisman feel the need to be on the tools, building stuff. Talisman could easily sit on the sidelines, JPEG hunting all day, accruing a diverse portfolio of internet-monies, and proclaiming our cleverness to our peers. But there is a great deal of work to do in the name of progress and staving off chaos. Ultimately, in the pursuit of a world of equal opportunities and self-determination, Talisman have decided to focus our attention and energy on the DotSama ecosystem and contribute in ways that leverage our natural strengths.

  1. Talisman want to make it easier for web application developers to leverage Polkadot and its Parachains to improve composability.

  2. Talisman want to create the best multi-chain transaction experience possible with XCMP to accelerate adoption.

  3. Talisman want to build a community full of rich stories that help people understand web3 concepts and take full custody of their assets.

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