GM Parachain Updates 17-Aug-22

GM everyone, GM Intern here (I'm not sure why it says my name is Leemo, anyhow...). We plan to start using Subsocial a lot more. We will post our most important updates here.

With that being said, here are some updates from GM Parachain as of 17-Aug-22 (note: we onboarded as a Kusama parachain on 15-Aug-22):

  • We are onboarding collators, and are helping newcomers to the node running scene get involved:
  • We have created a Discord bot which reacts to on chain sending of our GM and GN tokens and notifies you when someone sends you a GM / GN using your on-chain ID which is linked to your Discord:
  • We have 2x RPC endpoints available on Polkadot JS site, more RPC nodes are being spun up by the community, and we hope to add them to Polkadot JS (again, letting the community learn how to set this up):
  • We have our first community updates & AMA session this Friday:
  • We are currently running final QA testing of our DAPP with our dear friends at Talisman and Nova wallets to ensure that the user experience will run smoothly
  • We have issued our first runtime upgrade since onboarding, all upgraded smoothly. Included carrot_on_a_stick team token vesting pallet, address format updates, and made it so collators earn a portion of transaction fees:
  • We are working with key dotsama infrastructure teams to provide tools to improve the user experience across the board
  • We have Polkassembly integration, and will be enabling the governance pallet via runtime upgrade shortly:


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