Tech behind Evrloot

By Luuu, Co-Founder of Evrloot

RMRK doesnt have its own Chain, it uses Kusama and writes so called remarks on it. That sadly means that there is no way to fetch current states of NFTs, Bases and Collections. What the RMRK Team came up with instead is their so called Consolidator.

You can feed it remarks and it will tell you, depending on past remarks you fed it, if they are valid. Therefore making it impossible to to cheat the system without states being saved on the blockchain.

The problem with this though? There are a lot of remarks already written on the chain. Fetching and Consolidating all of them everytime your server restarts due to updates or errors takes forever. Like actually insanely long... What do we do instead? We have a dedicated server, that... saves all remarks that stem from one of our collections to our database. This way a restart of our backend takes approximately 2 seconds to be up to date with the states of all NFTs from our collections!

We try to do as much onchain as possible at Evrloot . One example is how we determine which action a player took on a mission. While the mission itself is stored on our servers, we evaluate what action you chose based on the wallet you sent your Nft to. How do we know that? Every action of every mission has a separate Kusama wallet connected to it. You could potentially start action A in the frontend and send the required NFT for the mission to the receiver wallet of the action B. The backend would only "count" the actual blockchain remark it received and start your mission with action B as chosen!

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