Soul Progression In Evrloot

By Luuu, Co-Founder of Evrloot

We have talked a lot about character progression and our goal to allow players to develop their soul and own that development. Before the release of the first playable version of Evrloot, I would like to explain how we achieve this goal. There is a fine line between not breaking the flow of the game because of transactions you have to sign and taking full advantage of the On Chain Magic RMRK offers.


The standards we set ourselves for the depth of our lore are high. We also want to bring the complexity of our world into the game. Writing down some lore and getting to read through it can be exciting by itself, but we want you to feel how interwoven everything is inside the game. Thats why we need a framework that allows us to represent that depth inside the game. We came up with the structure of markers that build on top of each other in a tree structure. There are many ways to unlock these markers and countless new dialogs and content that gets unlocked with them. Markers can influence what you can click, what you see, which missions you can play, what rewards you can get and so much more. What we dont want though, is the player having to sign a transaction through his/her wallet whenever he/she chose a dialog option that influences the game state. This 20-30 seconds waiting period would brake the gaming flow immensely. Thats why we came up with two different versions of markers.

Hard Markers

Hard Markers get represented in Soulbound NFTs inside the soul you are playing with. When a Hard Marker gets triggered for your soul, we mint a soulbound NFT into your soul. Once this is done, the progress you just made is on chain and forever yours. This can be big achievements like catching all night fish at the harbor or helping put out a fire in Trakan. Each Hard Marker will have a visual representation and metadata that allows you to treat them like a time capsule of your soul.

Soft Markers

Not everything you do needs to be stored on chain, though. If you have been rude to the bartender and he wont pour you another shot of whiskey because you upset him, it is nothing that is worth waiting a 30 seconds blockchain transaction for! Or is it? Another example for Soft Markers is convenience. The first time you talk to a new NPC is when you want to read an introduction and get to know the character. After talking to him for 10 times it will most likely only annoy you to hear the same story over and over again. Minting your soul a soulbound NFT for this small convenience upgrade is not appropriate.



Dive into dense, dark lore. Get your character. Find epic loot on missions and discover the secrets of Estra.