Evrloot v0.5.1.1 Patch Notes

Debugging And Hotfixes

Since Evrloot v0.5 launch, several fixes have been pushed by our developers both in front and backend. Working many hours daily with love and passion to our game and community, fixing minor or major bugs, they constantly trying to bring a great experience to the players.

These fixes that we can share today, led up to the current version of Evrloot. Version Worth noting, that the current version of the game will be displayed soon in the main UI.

Here is the list:

  • Database Upgrade. Failing transactions solved

  • Identification text of each resource have been added at the top menu

  • Load balancing in backend

  • Added "leave location" button below portrait

  • Improvements to dialog flow

  • Unequipping gear now moves it to the root account ensuring it is available to all souls even if one goes on a mission

  • Added mission indicators with tooltips to character selector slider and intro screen

  • Added minting notification with timer, below the resource box to show whenever the player is rewarded an NFT as part of a Dialog or Quest arc

  • Your resources get reloaded before you start a mission to ensure the resources are currently in your wallet

  • When you press "Start mission" our backend already recognizes what resources you want to take with you and blocks other missions that want to take the same resources on mission, you will see a new toast message when that happens

  • The Backend verifies the resources you want to send are valid before you are able to sign the transaction

  • New NPC "Bill" has been added. Youcan interact and get a 11h mission with 100% chance to reward 1 water

  • Swap Souls should be faster with clicking Soul portrait

  • Corrected mission window display when selecting fishing rods. Notes:

  1. If your soul already has a fishing rod equipped, it will auto-populate in the mission window and bonuses applied.
  2. Selecting a bait should add additional bonuses.
  3. To add a fishing rod, click the icon and select an available rod from the backpack which will pop-up on your screen.
  4. To remove a fishing rod, click the icon.
  5. The mission window will recalculate bonuses after any changes.
  • Fixed a bug where crafting rewards were not showing because they refreshed too early

We are on our way to the next version of Evrloot and we cannot wait to introduce new content.

-Evrloot Team

Discord: https://discord.gg/4WpMHHu62q

Twitter: https://twitter.com/EVRL00T


Dive into dense, dark lore. Get your character. Find epic loot on missions and discover the secrets of Estra.