Evrloot Legendary Items Update


As some of you may know, legendary items in Evrloot have a very special place in our project. A total of 18 legendary items were drawn, each with his own description, stats, bonuses and names. Obviously, these items have the lowest chance to get them from your soul reveal, in fact some of them, have 0% chance to drop, the way that the algorithmic minting process took place. Evrloot team has decided to distribute these items -that didnt have the chance to be minted- mainly as mission rewards (while also exploring other ways), with very small percentage of success. This small, legendary item's pool will be live AFTER version 1.0 (MVP) and drop rates will be evaluated monthly.

Legendary items to be distributed:

*Alchemist *

  • Enigma (Body Armor)
  • The Explorer (Body Armor)
  • Hemlocke's Facade (Helm)
  • Big Boom Recipe (Main hand)


  • Anour's Scales (Body Armor)
  • Desert Wind (Boots)


  • Kantsi's Cloak (Body Armor)

The percentage after all Legendary items are obtained will be at 1% of total Genesis Items supply.

The following sheet is showing the current status of the supply and what to expect:

How they look like?

We dont want to spoil too much but we can tease an excellent berserker legendary item, called "Anour's Scales":

Class: Berserker Rarity: Legendary Collection: Genesis Slot: Body Armor Armor: 6 Str: 2 Fortitude: 3 Luck: 1 Fishing: 1

Anour, a man sized water predator took many souls of young berserkers taking a refreshing bath in the mountain lake of Bruun. That was until a hero fought the creature, wrestling with it under water. The scales, teeth and were imbued into an armor to honor this heroic action. The three skulls of young berserkers where found inside of Anours stomach.

With this update, it is clear that we want to retain the small supply and potential value of the se special NFTs, while being transparent (as always) to Evrloot community.

Evrloot Team

Discord: https://discord.gg/4WpMHHu62q

Twitter: https://twitter.com/EVRL00T


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