A Letter From The Monks

By Deckard, Co-Founder of Evrloot

Guys, its been some rough seas (on the market) out there. BUT... we love that you have not been annoyed too much by the crypto space and still are here with us. Its just natural that in these times many people get stressed with market situation and leave for quite some time. It's human. They come back. But you are here and you read this. And we want to thank you.

First of all, we assure you that we will be building through any market. If it would drop to zero, we would still continue. We believe in the idea, the rmrk technology and that what we build (and with which great people we build it) is rather special. For me personally it is magical. I had some stressful weeks with Evrloot, but it has always given me so much energy. And this is not because of money or crypto prices... this is because of you and this great team that formed around this idea. The people that believe in us and for whom we build it. So f.... the market, we have a new continent to conquer.

So we want to make this your home away from the market situation. The tide will rise again and we will design systems that will always remember our early supporters. But it should not all be about rarity of NFTs or other blockchain elements. It should be fun. It should be immersive. And it shall be your home away from all the chart noise. This is not crypto. This is Evrloot. A community. A large scale experiment of story telling. Of lore progression. Of consequence and of technical experiments no one has done before. In the same sentence we want to say that we develop our first game here. Will we have bugs? Hell Yes! Will we sometimes be slow? Probably! But we are here with out heart and soul - and we want you to know that.

We want to give you a reason to stick with us, stay here, enjoy the ride. That is why we currently focus the team on two main points:

  1. Reveal Strategy
  • Polish and rehearse. artworks, stats, descriptions. This has been thousands of hours of work since April - for real. From drawing to assembling layers, from stat systems to item descriptions. For each class, we will have one set (common, rare, epic and legendary) of armor/weapon for each slot - sometimes two. This will be expanded with further items that you can play for down the road, but gives everything to start a genesis collection. The gear they brought from the old world. We want to have a good variety of backgrounds for your genesis souls to give them a visual representation of their story.

  • Making sure that the reveal is quite soon. We are a comparably young project with only a few months. We are highly confident that you will have your personal soul in your wallet in June.

  1. Game Design
  • Design and test a stat system that is highly inspired by D&D. Give it enough to later be deep, yet not too deep to scare beginners away.

  • The most focus in game design goes into the UX of the first "Game MVP" (Minimum-viable-product). That means we will let you in the first gaming experience quite early (around August) and iteratively work on it on a three week sprint basis. This could for example result in a scenario, where you can enter the city of Trakan, explore some areas, but will not be able to go on fighting missions just yet, as there is a big sand storm outside. So you will explore the city and fish at the docks ("man that sand hurts!")

The best thing you guys can do is stick around. Give us feedback, good and bad - and make this community a space with us, where we don't care about rough seas. We look at the horizon and only see the great story we are about to write.

Discord: https://discord.gg/4WpMHHu62q Twitter: https://twitter.com/EVRL00T

Singular: https://singular.app/collections/90c6619c6b94fcfd34-EVRLOOT_TAROT_CARDS

Dive into dense, dark lore. Get your character. Find epic loot on missions and discover the secrets of Estra.