InvArch Weekly-01/14/2022

It may only be two weeks into the new year, but it feels like so much has happened already. This week ahead will see a wave of updates & surprises, starting as soon as tomorrow. There are many things to discuss (& lots for the team to get back to), so let's get to it! 🤓


The new InvArch website officially launches tomorrow. The team's UX/UI Designer did an incredible job crafting a beautiful website that will grab everyone's attention. The team is very excited to share it with the community starting Saturday after some finishing updates are made…

The team is waiting to have Russian & Chinese translations of the final draft of the InvArch whitepaper available to share at the same time as the whitepaper's initial publication, but we'll see. The whitepaper is dropping before the end of next week; the question is whether or not it is available in the desired translations.

There are so many revolutionary technologies being introduced, from terms that you're more familiar with by now much as IP Files, IP Sets, & IP Tokens, but also IP Replicas, Wrapped IP, Smart IP, The InvArch SDK, Smart IP Virtual Machine (IPVM), & Cross-Chain Authentication (XCA). Even a Git middleware that seamlessly tokenizes & authenticates repositories, programs, & code, using InvArch.

InvArch will be introducing a Cross-Chain Authentication (XCA) protocol for verifying & protecting the uniqueness of digital assets in an automated, decentralized, immutable, and transparent means. As well as the world's first absolutely composable development network utilizing the power of authenticated non-fungible assets to provide a free & common standard for interoperable IP ownership & utility.


After the announcement of InvArch on SubSocial and sharing the launch of the InvArch Reddit, the team has also formally organized the InvArch Telegram channel community. Starting this week, members of the InvArch community can now expect regular announcements through the Official InvArch Announcement Channel! If you haven't joined already, make sure you hop in and establish an organized space to stay up to date with the project 🚀

Updates were made to the InvArch Ambassador this past week. They include a revamp of the Ambassador Handbook, organization of the InvArch Discord, & ways for members of the program to be involved and support InvArch. One of the immediate changes community members may notice are the regional organization of communities. You can assign yourself to your preferred region either as a new member in the "✅〡verify-here" channel or as a current member in the "🛬〡regional-arrival-lounge" channel. To assign yourself to a region, all you have to do is choose one of the animal emotes corresponding to that region (as shown in the explanation & image provided in the Discord).

We're also excited to share that a very talented 🎨 Ape 🦍 has been working on something special for the InvArch community. A suggestion 😉 is that users should have the Polkadot.js extension on their desktop account. It's easy to add & is (literally) a few clicks until you're securing your private keys & on your way. There are over 10,000 community members to be recognized & over 700 Ambassadors to thank.

Everything happens this upcoming week.


This week is going to see an immense amount of technical material to digest & analyze, and we hope to excite a lot of readers through the process of reading the whitepaper. More immediately, the new InvArch website is getting ready to go live in less than 24 hours! The reach of the InvArch community is expanding and becoming more organized, with a lot of surprises in store 🎁

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