Introducing Moonsama

September 21 marks the date. A legend was born - the first NFT marketplace & generative NFT collection on Moonriver. The OGs. The name invokes both the aura of the parachain Moonriver, and the mother relay chain Kusama. After 30 frantic minutes, the 1000 unit collection was sold out. 650 revolutionary pixelized birds found their audacious owners! Users were presented with a slick interface, setting sail into a thrilling and ever developing multiverse - the first step was taken!


NFT geeks, digital art lovers, lucky wanderers and speculators all gathered at, as trading kicked off at a truly blistering pace. On the same day, the intention of making Moonsama NFTs the central piece of a multiverse protocol was announced, with NFT ownership-based governance being the common ruler of all birds! Birds love democracy after all!

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Home to the first NFT generative collection, marketplace and multiverse bridge on the Moonriver blockchain.

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