The Pirate DAO requests a rescue mission

Rumors are swirling of another group of pirates stranded on new shores. Hoist the sails, man the oars we are going on a voyage to find out if this is true.

To prepare we need to gather our resources:

Pirates won’t do anything without a bounty so bring your loot to the ship and in exchange we will give you a chance win.

Bounty pool:

#1 DPS Ledger - unlocked from the start

#2 Common Artifact - unlocked first

#3 Rare Artifact - unlocked second

#4 100 RUM - unlocked third

pirate number 1034 image

#5 Donald “of unsound mind” Stanbury - unlocked fourth

Raffle Rules:

  1. The cost per raffle ticket is either 1250 doubloons or 35 TMAPS

  2. You can enter as many times as you like, the total amount you send will be divided by 1250 doubloons or 35 TMAPS to calculate your total tickets. (i.e 350 TMAPs would be 10 Entries)

  3. You must send your TMAPS and/or DOUBLOONS to the treasury account on Moonriver: 0x85E3A9A05d5e37778ee4559673F7c4F3ACb831b1

  4. Bounties will be sent to the winning entries. Winners will be chosen at random live streamed in the DPS discord

  5. Prizes will be unlocked when new goals are met. There are 8 goals that unlock prizes

| Goals: | | | -------------- | ----------- | | 125k DOUBLOONS | 3500 TMAPS | | 250k DOUBLOONS | 7000 TMAPS | | 500k DOUBLOONS | 10500 TMAPS | | 750k DOUBLOONS | 14000 TMAPS |

So where can I get TMAPs?

  1. If you own a pirate you are earning TMAPs passively

  2. You can buy TMAPs on (TMAP-DOUBLOON Pool)

What about DOUBLOONS?

  1. If you own a pirate you can sail on voyages to earn DOUBLOON rewards

  2. You can buy DOUNLOONS on (MOVR-DOUBLOON Pool)

Once we have gathered enough then around the 28th October we will load the ship, draw the bounties and set sail. Till then see you in the Tavern as we tear the place apart looking for pocket change!

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