Community update - #2

The Contracts, Dapps and future artwork

It’s been a busy period for the team since our last community update, the developers have been working tirelessly with the aim of releasing sailable voyages before the new year, unfortunately that’s not going to be the case.

We always knew the contracts would be difficult to create but they’ve required more time to integrate with each other than expected. The latest iterations of the Contracts can be seen below, they are not yet optimised but should give people a sense of what we’ve been working on.

We have deployed on the Mumbai testnet for ease of use:

DPS: Testnet pirates

TMAP: Testnet Treasure Maps

**DPSCartographer: **

Responsible for issuing and configuring Voyages in exchange for TMAPS. For V1 you’ll be able to acquire an easy voyage, but for V2 and beyond there will be medium, hard, legendary and seasonal voyages!

**DPSFlagship: **

The Flagship is the core of your fleet and each Pirate is able to claim these upgradeable NFT’s for FREE! They are required to go on voyages and can take damage.

**DPSShipyard: **

If your Flagship has taken damage you’ll need to repair it before you can sail again, so head to the Shipyard to get her fixed up. In future you’ll be able to acquire support ships here to help boost your voyage stats and increase your chances of success.


When you’re prepared to go you’ll head to the docks. This contract is responsible for letting you lock in items and start voyages (pirate, flagship, support ships, etc in the future etc).

You'll also be able to check how your voyage is progressing.


This is where your voyage is created.


Chests can be acquired in successful voyages. We will later build in a chest opening dynamic, which will contain Doubloons and other rare rewards!

**DPSGameSettings: **

Various game settings to let us control the game dynamics and economy.


Does all of the randomisation for the game. This is explained in more detail on our Community Update #1.

**DPSPirateFeatures: **

This is where we store the skills for each pirate on-chain. We have already done this for your pirates on MOVR so you will not have to run transactions to move IPFS traits on-chain. We need traits on-chain to determine the outcomes of your voyage interactions.

Dapp updates and testing

We are now working hard to wire up all the ways you can interact with the new game contracts into our app. So far we have the basics of getting a flagship and buying a voyage done and are working on combining our randomness api/function to be able to display status of each voyage.

Once we have a playable version (which may not be as pretty as we want, but we are prioritising functionality and will iterate on visuals after) we will have to test voyages and outcomes thoroughly to make sure there are no bugs or unintended consequences for the game economy.

This basic version should be released in early January for testing and, if all goes well, a public release of this lite voyaging should be live before the end of January.


The website is due a complete visual overhaul and we are working hard to ensure a good user experience on launch of v2 as well as ensuring we maintain our Artstyle.

We will likely be able to introduce you to the rest of the Characters in Tortuga with the Artwork being completed in the same style as Steven Seagul. Here’s a concept for one of the characters.

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