How Integritee combines the benefits of Web2 and Web3 technologies

Web2 and Web3 systems both have advantages. The large Web2 services consumers use in their daily lives deliver high speed and low transaction costs. ⚠️ However, this comes at the cost of complete centralization and the inability to verify how your data is managed and processed⚠️. Conversely, Web3 services offer additional security and decentralization, at the expense of higher fees and slower performance.

🤔But is there a way to create services that combine the benefits of Web2 and Web3⁉️ This article discusses how Integritee brings Intel SGX to decentralized networks to deliver benefits for both Web2 and Web3 users. Read the full piece here: 👉

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Integritee enables developers and firms to unchain the value of sensitive data. By combining the trust of Polkadot with the confidentiality and speed of enterprise-grade hardware, it will power a new generation of data-driven dApps and services.