How To Add & Remove Liquidity on Polkaswap

If you are not already familiar with Polkaswap I recommend you to start to start here: Introducing Polkaswap


In this guide we’ll learn how to add & remove liquidity on Polkaswap.

Starting with adding liquidity, firstly go to, assuming you have not provided liquidity before you should see a window like this.

Here we have two options, we can add liquidity or create a new pair. Today we will focus on providing liquidity.

Add liquidity Once you click “Add liquidity” you will be asked to select the token you want to provide liquidity with. In this case I will be using VAL.

Before you confirm your transaction you will get a summary of your share of the pool according to the liquidity will provided as well as the network fee. Then to finish the process click the “supply” button.

As soon as you click the “confirm” button a Polkadot.js window will be prompted asking you to type your password and confirm the transaction.

Once your transaction has been confirmed your share will be listed on the main screen of the pool page

If you want to remove your liquidity you just need to click the “Remove Liquidity” button, there is a slider that allows you to select how much liquidity you want to remove.

After clicking the “remove” button you will be asked to confirm.

That is it, once your transaction is confirmed the liquidity will be removed and the tokens will be back in your wallet.

Don’t hesitate to try it yourself and enjoy the high APYs and low fees on Polkaswap!

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